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Collegial Guidance

The doctors and nurses at Integrated Health Options are available for advice and collegial support to all practitioners who are offering intravenous vitamin C or EDTA chelation – or are considering adding those options to their practice.

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We welcome referrals from other practitioners. Read about referring a client to us.

Convenient Supplies

Get all the materials you need to provide intravenous vitamin C or EDTA chelation treatment in one place – from our colleagues at wholesale suppliers, the Centre for Advanced Medicine. Contact us for details.

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We also make available our core documentation for intravenous treatments.

So we can make sure you are kept up-to-date when we release future versions, please enter your details for each document you want to download. When you click the Download link, you can save the file to wherever you like. We will keep your details private.

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy Practitioner Guidebook

iho 515, 4Apr17, 772 KB PDF. Collection of the standard procedures and protocols our doctors and nurses use to manage care and deliver treatment.

Managing EDTA Chelation Therapy Practitioner Guide

iho 7.1, 6Apr17, 289 KB PDF. The standard protocol our doctors and nurses follow. Please read in conjunction with the IVC Guidebook. Contact us for a copy of this document.