What To Expect

This is what to expect from your time with us:

Make Contact

Your first step is to contact us. We will schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors.

Prepare at Home

Before that appointment, we will send you a client pack with some paperwork to read and to answer some questions about your details. Bring that with you. Also gather up all the medication and supplements you take into a bag and bring that along.

Please eat before your visit, and bring a snack with you in case you decide to have an infusion right after the initial consultation.

See a Nurse First

When you arrive, our reception team will check you in and then a nurse will take some vital measurements like pulse, weight and blood pressure. The nurse will also enter your medication details.

Consultation With Doctor

The doctor will discuss your health and what you want to achieve, then will order relevant blood tests and work out a treatment plan. The doctor writes up this consultation and sends a letter to you and with your consent, to other practitioners in your care team such as your GP and relevant specialists.


Any blood tests the doctor has ordered will be taken and sent off to the lab. Results usually take a few days to be available.  The doctor will contact you right away if anything needs immediate attention.

Otherwise, the doctor will discuss test results at your next consultation, usually two weeks after your first appointment.

Infusion Treatments

If intravenous treatment is clinically appropriate and you make an informed choice to go ahead, we often recommend having your first infusion while you are already here.

Our nurses will explain the process and look after you while your infusion is administered. This takes from half an hour to two hours, depending on dose. Your first treatment is usually a lower dose so we can see how you respond. We usually recommend a couple of treatment sessions each week, depending on your condition.

Nutrition and Supplements

On your way out, our receptionists can help you with any key oral supplements the doctor has recommended (or you can buy them elsewhere if you prefer). We notice people get the best results when they also focus on nutrition and supplementation. Your doctor will discuss that and give you some information sheets to add to your client folder so you can refer to them later.

Review With Doctor

As your treatment plan continues, we schedule some key blood tests and review consultations with the doctor to make sure everything is progressing well. This is especially important when you are dealing with conditions which change over time. Please tell us if you notice any unexpected reactions after an infusion and please ask questions as they come to you.