EDTA Chelation

Toxic Metal Removal

Toxic metals like mercury or lead can build up in your body after exposure. Symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening.

Chelation therapy uses a chemical called EDTA to remove toxic metals from your body. EDTA was first used in the 1940s to treat lead poisoning in ship builders and later to remove a range of other toxic metals.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Doctors noticed that patients receiving EDTA chelation for metal toxicity showed improvements in other conditions, notably cardiovascular disease affecting the arteries of the heart.

After decades of widespread international EDTA chelation use, a recent major clinical trial by the US National Institutes of Health showed EDTA chelation patients had a reduction in cardiovascular events. There was a greater reduction in events for people who also had type 2 diabetes.

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Intravenous Treatment

Our clinic has delivered intravenous EDTA infusions for over 30 years. Following established guidelines, EDTA is safe and non-toxic. It is even used as preservative in food and many pharmaceutical drugs.

Administered with a standard clinical IV drip, each treatment takes about 90 minutes. We monitor and adjust the dosage as your treatment programme progresses.

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