Estimated Total Costs

A full course of infusions includes an initial consultation and regular reviews with the doctor managing your care in a clinical setting. The total cost will vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • treatment dosage, duration and frequency, as indicated by your medical needs.
  • any additional diagnostic tests.
  • supplements in support of your treatment – some we supply for your convenience (prices shown in estimates below), or we can refer you to other sources.

See our standard fees for detail. Please note that none of our services are government-subsidised. Below are some indicative prices. We will discuss this with you in more detail at your initial consultation.

Short course of Vitamin C,
25g, 4 infusions over 2 weeks
(+ supplements $95)
Short course of Vitamin C,
25g, 12 infusions over 6 weeks
(+ supplements $235)
Medium course of Vitamin C,
50-100g, 26 infusions over 3 months
$5,460 – 7,540
(+ supplements $400)
Longer course of Vitamin C,
50-100g, 52 infusions over 6 months
$10,450 – 14,600
(+ supplements $720)
Course of Chelation therapy,
30 infusions over 7 months
(+ supplements $740)