Good news for Glandular Fever patients, the IHO experience

From the IHO & CAM practitioner newsletter, November 2017

We have summarised our experience at Integrated Health Options relating to 7 patients with acute glandular fever, coming to us for intravenous vitamin C.
The majority reported noticeable improvements in energy within 2-10 days, improved exercise tolerance and ability to get back to work or school within 1-2 weeks. Below we summarise symptoms, treatments and outcomes.

Most common symptoms were sore throat, fatigue, fevers, reduced appetite, with some reporting headaches, and muscle pains. One patient had hepatitis secondary to the glandular fever.

The average time from onset of symptoms to starting treatment with IVC was 2 weeks, with 3 patients presenting at one week, and one patient presenting after 4 weeks of symptoms. Five patients were female and two male with an age range of 18-24 years. Blood tests confirmed acute glandular fever in 6 cases.

Six patients were given immune support doses 20-25 grams twice weekly or more, with magnesium sulphate added to the infusion. 5 patients had B complex vitamins added from the second infusion. 3 patients had IV glutathione in addition to the IV vitamin C. One attended for only one treatment, and when seen at a hospital outpatient clinic 6 weeks later was still tired, although had gradual improvement in symptoms and improved liver function tests. One patient was given 50 grams IV vitamin C with B complex, 7 treatments overall and although still tired, was back attending the gym before work, after 6 infusions. Interestingly, the patient having the higher dose of 50 grams IV Vitamin C did not improve more quickly.

Five patients reported improvement, one was lost to follow up, and one patient who attended for one treatment only, was still tired at 6 weeks although did have some improvement.

Two patients were much improved after their 2nd infusion, with one patient back at school and attending the gym after 2 weeks. Two patients felt better by their 4th infusion with improvement in energy, and one was back to work after 4th infusion. The patient having 50 gram infusions, required less pain relief after one week and was back at the gym after 6 infusions.

Although the natural course of glandular fever is improvement and resolution of symptoms over a few weeks, some people are affected by lingering fatigue. The five patients who had more than a single IV vitamin C infusion and were able to be followed up (5 out of 7 in total) all had noticeable improvement in symptoms and ability to return to work or school within 2 weeks.