Recurrent Respiratory Infection – Barry’s Case

Here we describe the case of a 61 year old man with a 9 month history of recurrent URTI and fatigue who had a course of intravenous vitamin C (IVC) infusions.

12 months before his initial consultation at Integrated Health Options, Barry had a severe gastroenteritis infection which had taken 2 months to fully resolve. Soon after, he underwent a cholecystectomy. He felt well for 6 weeks but then developed recurrent URTI, ear infections, tonsillitis and LRTI, and was prescribed several courses of antibiotics over the following 9 months.

At the initial consultation Barry was recovering from a further lingering URTI and felt very tired. His QOL scores (EORTC QLQ-C30) were 3/7 for overall health, 3/7 for overall QOL.

He had weekly IV vitamin C infusions of 25g vitamin C and 1235mg magnesium in 250mL normal saline, over the next 3 months. He initially reported feeling more tired on the day of treatment, but with a significant lift in energy the day after his IV vitamin C which would last a few days. At the six week review he reported a recent sore throat had lasted only 3-4 days (it normally lasted 7-10 days) and had not required any antibiotics.

After three months Barry’s energy levels were much better at 8/10. He had no further infections and no sore throats.  His QOL scores were 6/7 for overall health, 6/7 for overall QOL. He reported feeling the best he had felt for 18 months. Previously even with rest and holidays his energy had not improved but since starting IVC treatment he felt he was fully recovering his previous level of health.

Over the next 3 months he had IVC infusions every 1-2 weeks. Apart from one URTI that did not progress, and for which he did not take antibiotics, Barry has been well.

Over the 6 months having IVC infusions Barry had no severe or lingering infections and was not prescribed any courses of antibiotics. Intravenous vitamin C was well-tolerated.

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