Referring to Us

We accept referrals from other practitioners. The more information you can provide, the less time (and cost) our initial consultation will require before we can provide intravenous treatment for your client.

  • Client Identity and Contact details (including DoB and NHI where available).
  • Name of their GP and Practice, if not yours.
  • Their consent for IHO to obtain test results and medical records from the national system, including their NHI number where not already supplied.
  • Vitals.
  • Medications and supplements taken.
  • Clinical notes and relevant letters.
  • Completed IHO Client Details form and Privacy and Safety Declaration to bring to their first visit.

If available, please also provide:

  • Recent blood test results – FBC, Renal Function (Creatinine, eGFR, Electrolytes), Calcium, G6PD.
  • For chelation referrals, recent ECG results.

If you are a registered medical practitioner, you can also undertake some or all of the processes we would otherwise need to provide:

  • Full consultation about intravenous vitamin C or EDTA chelation therapy for their condition/s and treatment goals.
  • Obtaining written informed consent to treat. See our Consent for Intravenous Treatment form as an example.
  • Prescribing for intravenous administration.

Please contact us for more detail.