Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections include colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. We see people at the clinic recovering from acute infections, people with recurrent infections and also people with chronic sinusitis or chronic lung conditions which make them more prone to respiratory infections.

Vitamin C infusions

People recovering from acute infections often report a marked improvement in energy and more speedy resolution of respiratory symptoms after intravenous vitamin C infusions.

We have also had people with recurrent infections who report far fewer or in some cases, no further infections for many months after receiving IV vitamin C infusions.

Some people with an underlying lung or sinus condition making them more prone to respiratory infections report less frequent and less severe respiratory infections. Some also notice less antibiotic use.

What the research says

Much of the research about vitamin C and respiratory infections was done using oral vitamin C.

  • One study of 57 elderly people admitted to hospital with bronchitis or pneumonia found that those who were given vitamin C supplementation had a significantly lower respiratory symptom score and mortality compared to those who received standard care.1
  • A Cochrane systematic review of 31 placebo-controlled trials confirmed that regular vitamin C supplementation consistently reduces both duration and severity of the common cold.2
  • A randomised controlled trial of 674 military recruits found that vitamin C supplementation can significantly reduce the incidence of pneumonia.3